Installation guide​

To install the Vormest formwork, you need:

rebar cutting tools, knife, tying hook and wire, measuring tape, marker and a few hours of time. When buying formwork, consider about 10-15% in reserve for connections and overlays.

The formworks are for pouring concrete soles up to 250, 350, 450, 550 and 650 mm thick. In the case of a 250 mm concrete layer, the form sinks up to 30 mm wider from the top, which means an additional cost of concrete of 0.5 m³ per 100 meter sole. In the formwork, the concrete can be compacted with a vibrator. For concreting from 350 mm, the sides of the form must be connected with side ties, see drawing. When installing additional reinforcement, the reinforcement scheme of the project must be followed. If necessary, the construction film is placed under them before installing the sole forms. The adjacent drawings show solutions for making the most common connections. Step slopes, arches, extensions (for the chimney foundation, etc.) can also be made.

Installation guide

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The best formwork in construction

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